Creating a named scholarship with the Garden City Community College Endowment Association is simple but very rewarding!  You can choose to establish an annual scholarship or create an endowed fund in your name or in honor of a loved one.  We will work with you to create criteria for your scholarship.  The criteria established will guide the Scholarship Selection Committee in awarding your scholarship.  Criteria may include type of major and/or a program, grade point requirement, and whether the scholarship is renewable or not.

Annual Scholarship

An annual scholarship provides a yearly award to students who meet the criteria established by you.  The scholarship could be established with a one-time gift or a statement would be forwarded to you in August of each year for the following academic year's award.  One-time only scholarships are also available.

Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship allows you to create a scholarship fund that remains intact forever.  The principal is invested and a portion of the return is used each year to support the scholarship.  An endowed scholarship can begin with any amount and build over time.  However, the fund must reach $5,000 before it can begin to earn interest and generate a scholarship award.  At this time, endowed scholarships are paying 3.5%.  Of course, donations can be made to the fund at any time, and the larger the fund grows the larger the scholarship award.

Designated Scholarship

A Designated Scholarship is one in which outside entities, individuals, or other foundations provide a scholarship for a specific student. The Endowment Association receipts the funds, credits the designated student account and provides the donor a tax deductible receipt.